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Brewing…. Our New Branding is Here

Eclipse Web Designer Wicklow Our new branding is live

The Brewing continues…. Our New Look Branding is here

Here at Eclipse Towers we are working away in the background, like Santa’s Elves the week before Christmas, to put our new branding, website and services live.

We begin with our first preview with a sneak peek at our newly tweaked branding.  Not a step too far from the original concept just a re-imagined look. It’s always good to have a refresh of your branding every few years to prevent it from looking dated.  Think of it like having a wardrobe clean-out, ditch those 1995 bootleg jeans and replace them with a nice pair of skinnies!!

So what have we done?  Well, we have slightly changed our branding colour and modernised our logo.  We know, not very exciting, but it will all tie in with our new look website, which we find all very exciting at our end!!

So here it is, the old and the new branding


Old Branding Colour

Eclipse Web design Wicklow old branding colours

New Branding Colour

Eclipse Web design Wicklow old branding colours

Old Logo

Eclipse Web design Wicklow old logo branding colours

New Logo

Eclipse Web design Wicklow new branding logo

So there you have it a little sneak peak of what is to come.  We will be putting up a complete run down of the new branding when the new website goes live.


Just keep watching as we continue to brew.  

We will be showcasing one of our new services later this week!!


And if you are considering a new look or upping your branding game, then get in touch and let us help you grow.

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