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Google products for the launch of the Small Business Google Supplier Diversity Program

Google wants to do business with YOU!

This week, we had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of the Google Small Business Supplier Diversity Program.  So, we have put together a quick overview of the who, where and when, and what exactly is the Google Supplier Diversity Program.


Televisions at Google displaying the Google Supplier Diversity Program

What Is the Google Supplier Diversity Program?

According to Google:

"Our Small Business Supplier Diversity program is designed to connect more ethnic minorities: women, traveller, persons with special needs, LGBT and/or regional-led owned small businesses to opportunities within Google.  Our program is also tailored to help businesses grow on the web and supports our unique procurement structure, where every Googler is empowered to make purchasing decisions based on their specific needs."

They explained, a more diverse supplier network means better products and services for their staff and users of their products.  They feel that they can continue to be more innovate as they work with a more diverse network of suppliers.

Do you have something that Google needs?

Or do you have something that Google doesn’t yet know it needs?

If this is the case, then their Small Business Supplier Diversity Program may be just what you need.


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Eligibility Requirements

In brief, the eligibility requirements for the Google Supplier Diversity Program are designed to bring small and/or diverse suppliers into their procurement network. Eligibility can be summarised as follows:

  1. Location: You are a small business based in Ireland
  2. Revenue: Your annual revenue is €10million or less
  3. Size: You have 50 or fewer full-time employees

Benefits of the Google Supplier Diversity Program:

Google is looking to work with you.  Not only as a supplier but also to help you grow as a business and increase your online presence.

As a participant in the Program you will:

Eclipse tick mark, what's included in the Google Program Be included in their supplier database: Google employees use their database of suppliers to find goods and services.

Eclipse tick mark, what's included in the Google ProgramReceive payments quickly: They guarantee as a supplier they will do their best to make payment within 15 days of your invoice approval.

Eclipse tick mark, what's included in the Google Program Gain early access to supplier events: You will receive early notice about supplier events.  These include networking programs, digital educational training and access to online marketing tutorials.

Eclipse tick mark, what's included in the Google Program Receive content through the Accelerate with Google Academy:  You will have the option to opt in to receive customised video content to help accelerate your business online.  This content includes content marketing, social media, search engine optimisation and more.

Eclipse tick mark, what's included in the Google Program Take advantage of €75 promotional credit for Google AdWords:  This is a good opportunity to increase your visibility online.  You can claim an AdWords promotional credit work €75 when you spend €25.

Eclipse tick mark, what's included in the Google Program Get Discounted G Suite:  If you are a new user of G Suite you will receive a 25% discount on the productivity G Suite to help you run your business more efficiently.  The discount is valid for one year and unavailable for G Suite Unlimited Customers.

Key Takeaways

Besides a great product, what do you need to do business with Google? 

To summarise they look for these core values in every supplier, regardless of service or product:

  1. Responsible business practices, both for staff and for the environment.
  2. Ethically sourced products or raw materials.
  3. Fast and reliable.  Some of their orders may need a 2 day turnaround.
  4. Diversity, what makes you different and diverse?  Have a great story to tell about you and your business.

The Bottom Line

Finally, to be a successful Google supplier you need to set yourself apart.  Most of their procurement comes from word of mouth recommendations between departments. So get out there, sell yourself and your business, make an impact and become a regular Google supplier.


application details to the google supplier diversity program:

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