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Custom Built Website Paul Dunphy Esquire

screenshots of's custom built website

Project Brief for a Custom Built Website

Paul Dunphy Esq. approached Eclipse Web Design & Development with a view to redesigning his original, one page online e-business card website.

The purpose of the website redesign was to modernise the look and feel of the website and to ensure compatibility with mobile devises.

The project brief also included the design of a new logo and tagline to create consistent branding.

Project Delivered

The project deliverables included a new logo design and a newly designed mobile ready, responsive webpage.

The webpage was custom built using HTML5 and CSS3.

The new layout and design makes the existing content easier to read and navigate through.  Clear CTAs (call to action) buttons were added to the page to improve click through and conversion rates.  A live Twitter feed was also added to the page to encourage conversation with potential clients and to keep the content of the webpage refreshed daily.

The colour palette of blue and white for the logo and webpage was taken from the original webpage to ensure brand consistency.  The colours give the page a clean, clear, professional feel.

A further addition to the project was the design of an image to promote a free downloadable e-book and the design of the e-book itself to ensure brand identity and consistency.

Project Images

New Logo Design:

Paul Dunphy Esquire logo design


Old Webpage Design:

paul dunphy esquire old webpage design

paul dunphy esquire old webpage design

paul dunphy esquire old webpage design


Custom Webpage Elements:


facebook logo  instagram logo  LinkedIn logo    Twitter logo   curly bracket


E-Book Graphic:


e-book cover


Client Testimonial

"Brenda Doran is a superb website designer, skilled and patient and can take what’s in your head and put it online in a distinctive, professional and sharp way. A joy to work with, I would highly recommend."