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Eclipse Web Design Wicklow eCommerce website design

eCommerce Web Design, Logo and Branding Brief

"True Wealth is Health specialises in helping people overcome their health problems using natural diet and supplementation recommendations."

Our client was keen to create an online space for their existing off-line business.  When they came to us they wanted to upscale the business to provide ecommerce solutions for their existing and new customer base.

The design brief was to keep things simple, clean and easy to use.  A no frills approach to showcasing their service and products.

Included in the brief was branding and logo design.

ecommerce website design logo for True Wealth is Health


The eCommerce Project Design

When it comes to ecommerce website design planning is crucial.  Not only with the design and layout of the main page but also with the products and product information.

With the nature of True Wealth is Health's products there was a lot to consider.  Each product in its own right comes with a lot of information which is necessary for the customer to understand before purchasing it.

With this in mind we created customised product pages with additional information tabs and custom designed informational icons for allergen advice:


ecommerce website design custom icon for allergen advice ecommerce website design custom icon for allergen advice ecommerce website design custom icon for allergen advice ecommerce website design custom icon for allergen advice

For the overall look and feel of the branding and the website design we kept to the brief of simple and easy to use.  The layout is clean with a fresh feel arising from the images and use of the bright green and white in the branding colours.

To help bring their services fully online, the client wanted to incorporate a facility for potential customers to provide an overview of their health issues.  To achieve this we created a custom built form with space for customers to explain their health issues.


This is what the client had to say about working with us:

Couldn't be happier with my website, Eclipse certainly tick all the boxes in terms of professional approach and delivery time scales.


You can view the project here: www.truewealthishealth.co.uk