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New Brochure Website | AcuFusion Acupuncture Clinic

Acufusion Acupuncture Clinic Project

Website Project Brief

The project brief was simple, a brochure website for an acupuncture clinic which reflected the calming nature of the surrounds of the clinic and to highlight it's uniquely tailored services and most importantly the journey of owner, William O'Donnell.

AcuFusion Acupuncture Clinic is the creation of William O'Donnell who has created tranquil treatment rooms designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere for customers.

It was important for William that we highlight his unique 'fusion' approach to acupuncture with his exclusive tailored treatments.

AcuFusion Acupuncture Clinic

Website Design & Build

With the brief in mind we set about putting images together which would help to drive both the design and the feel of the website.

Logo and Branding work was provided by the client so we already had an idea of how the design would look.

Being a brochure site we created a one page, long scroll website.  This style of website is very popular at the moment as they are intuitive and always come within budget!

To highlight AcuFusion's 'fusion' approach to acupuncture, we introduced the tailored treatments early on the page.  In doing so the website is providing AcuFusion's unique selling point to the customer straight away, setting AcuFusion apart from its competitors.

The services are highlight using custom icons:


 AcuFusion Acupuncture clinic AcuFusion Acupuncture clinicAcuFusion Acupuncture clinic


In addition to acupuncture AcuFusion also offer a number of other treatments.  To draw attention to these other services we created tailored sections on the web page with the ability to download AcuFusion's brochure for further information.

We also created a separate About section for William to share his own personal journey with his customers.



Brochure Design

As part of the project brief, William also requested that we design some brochures, a print brochure for his clinic and a more comprehensive brochure which customers can download from the website:

Website Brochure:

acufusion acupuncture clinic website brochure


Tri-Fold Print Brochure:

acufusion acupuncture clinic print brochure



You can view this project here: