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New Website Design | Ketogenic Weight Loss Coach

Website, Branding and Logo Design Brief

Our client, Christina Oman is a Ketogenic Weight Loss Coach.  Christina has been through an amazing weight loss journey herself since finding the Keto way of life.  Her journey has mostly been recorded on her YouTube channel where she has amassed an amazing following and fan base.  This led to her making a career change, studying nutrition and setting up Keto Christina.

It was at this stage Christina came to us here at Eclipse in order to expand her online presence.  She wanted to create a platform where she could document her story, continue to build her online following, and showcase her Weight Loss Coaching service.

The website and branding design brief was to keep it fresh, clean and vibrant. It was also important to provide a blogging facility together with some custom made online forms for her clients to fill in.

Branding, Logo and Web Design Project

As with all our projects, before we even sit down to our computers, we spend time with our client to learn about their business and get to know them personally.   So at the outset we took the time to learn about the Ketogenic diet, what's involved and what are the core features of this lifestyle.  In doing this we were able to pull the key elements of the lifestyle and incorporate them into the branding.  

With high levels of good fats and protein being key we focused in on the avocado.  The vibrant nature of the avocado led us to using mainly green in the branding.  To create some contrast we added a shade of blue to be used in the tagline and on headings and buttons on the website.  Oh and of course, we just had to use the avocado in the logo too:

Keto Christina Ketogenic weight loss coach logo design

When it came to the layout of the website we looked at what Christina wanted to use the website for and what goals she hoped to achieve.   Her primary goal was to highlight her journey and how she can now help people adjust to the Keto way of living.

She also knew from the start of the project that the Blog would be an important aspect of the website.  She wanted to share advice, hints and tips but also recipes.  To this end, we decided it would be best to divide the blog content into two categories, one for articles and one for recipes.

In doing so, we were able to create two distinct Blog sections on the home page, one for the articles and one for recipes, making the content much easier to browse through and find for users visiting the website.

As social media is such an important aspect of what Christina does, we also incorporated her Instagram feed and latest videos from her YouTube channel.

There was also three custom designed and built forms.  One form for Newsletter signups, which was integrated with Mailchimp for managing email campaigns, one contact form on the Contact page and a large extensive private client questionnaire which clients access separately.


You can view this project here: www.ketochristina.com