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Website Update | Paul Dunphy Esquire Social Media Curator

Paul Dunphy Esquire


Paul Dunphy Esquire is a Social Media Curator and this year is his 5th year in business.  To celebrate this milestone, Paul approached us with a view to re-imagining his website and overall branding look and feel.

We originally worked with Paul a number of years ago and were delighted to once again work alongside Paul to bring a fresh new feel to his website.

The website and branding design brief was to create a clean and vibrant page that not only highlighted Paul's services but also brought through his personality and most importantly showcased the amazing testimonials he has accumulated over the years.

Branding, Logo and WebDesign Project

Paul was looking for a completely new look when it came to the logo.  He was looking for something more universal and corporate.  So we looked at what Paul does, not just social media curating but helping businesses to achieve social media success and as a result grow their business.

We also looked at how Paul works with his clients and his approach to social media.  Paul provides a uniquely tailored service and so we decided to represent this by taking the average box and doing what Paul does best, breaking the box and bringing social media engagement well and truly outside the box and the norm.

We changed the original shade of blue to a darker colour and introduced an accent colour to create a more colourful, striking logo.


Paul Dunphy Esquire


When it came to the website, we discussed the many ways Paul's business model has changed over the last few years since his original website was designed.  We took the approach that Paul's processes and services should be broken down into easily recognisable and readable sections, with each section highlighted by icons and imagery.

One of the most important aspects of Paul's business is the recommendations he has received over the years.  With some of the most well-known faces in Irish business and media giving Paul exceptional testimonials it was imperative that these were brought to the forefront of the website.

Of course, to wrap up the website, we included the feed from one of Paul's social media accounts.  It was decided to use Instagram as it is one of the most visual, story-telling platforms.  Besides, who doesn't want to see what Paul gets up to every day?


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